Contract Management System

Key Challenges of a Contract Management System


Volume of Contracts


Multiple Departments


Multiple locations


Limited Time


Scattered Documentation


Tracking dates


Multiple Vendors


Absence of Overview

Lexcomply Contract Management System Offerings

Repository of Key terms 01

Tracking of renewal dates 02

Integration of Teams 03

Centralised Repository 04

Reminders & Escalations 05

Editing of Key terms 06

Updation of modified contracts 07

Management Dashboards 08

Lexcomply USPs

Lexcomply Contract Management System Key Advantages

  • Maintain all the contracts in Digital Mode and get rid of the Hardcopy. It's more easy and secure and eco friendly.
  • Never miss any contract renewal. Get auto-reminders for all expiring contracts with the Interval of 30 Days, 15 Days and followed by 7 days.
  • Secure all the revisions of the contract terms/duration. The versions will be created for every revision made, helping you to analyse every iteration.
  • Separate login for the Contract Drafter / Approver / Head of the dept. with a defined set of functionalities.
  • Approval and Rejection of contract by FPR. The contract will go to respective dept. for update and further submitted for approval.
  • Provision to manage the contract for Multiple Companies under Parent Company.
  • Allocate user as FPR / HOD etc. based on a contract. Users are independent of the designation and can attain multiple roles as well.

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