Aayushi GoelThe Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) vide Order File No. 15(31)2020-FoSCoS-RCD-FSSAIpt1-Part(I) on 13th January 2023, issued an order regarding the mandatory upload of six-monthly lab testing reports on FoSCoS. As per the order, the Food Authority has mandated that all Manufacturers (including Repackers and Relabellers) shall, through FoSCoS, either upload six monthly lab testing reports of food products or link such lab reports from the InFoLNet, wherever the samples are analyzed by FSSAI notified labs.

Condition no. 12 of FSSAI license specifies that Food Business Operators (FBOs) must ensure relevant chemical and/or microbiological contaminants testing in food products. This testing is required to be performed as frequently as required on the basis of historical data and risk assessment. The aim of this requirement is to ensure the production and delivery of safe food.

The chemical and/or microbiological testing may be carried out through the FBO’s own lab or through an NABL accredited /FSSAI notified lab. Furthermore, such testing must be carried out at least once every six months.

Through the present notification the FSSAI is requiring that manufacturing FBOs shall upload and link these lab reports on the FoSCoS portal. It has stated that the last date for uploading and linking the six-monthly lab test report for the period of April 2022 to September 2022 is 31st March, 2023.

Thereafter, the FBO shall ensure that uploading linking of the six-monthly lab test report is done on FOSCOS within one month from the closing date of the respective half-year period i.e. by 31st October for the period of April to September and by 30th April for the period of October to March.

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