Neha GargGraded Response Action Plan (GRAP) is a set of emergency measures taken by Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and its Adjoining Areas that come into play to prevent further deterioration of air quality once it reaches a certain threshold in the Delhi-NCR region.

Every year, due to stubble (Parali) burning, Delhi- NCR faces the challenge of poor air quality that worsens the AQI and causes severe air pollution. Just like every year, this year also Delhi and its adjoining regions have been covered with thick smog worsening the quality of air.

To combat to the issue, actions under Stage I, Stage II and Stage III of the GRAP on October 5, 2022, October 19, 2022 and October 29,2022 respectively have already been taken. Owing to no improvement in air quality and AQI triggering up to 450, CAQM has decided to implement Stage IV of the GRAP vide its Order No. CAQM Order No.120017/27/GRAP/2021/CAQM / 378 dt. November 3, 2022.

The following measures have been implemented with immediate effect until further orders:

  1. Stop entry of truck traffic into Delhi (except for trucks carrying essential commodities/ providing essential services and all CNG / electric trucks).
  2. Ban on plying of Delhi registered diesel operated Medium Goods Vehicles (MGV) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) in Delhi, except those carrying essential commodities / providing essential services.
  3. Ban on plying of 4-wheeler diesel LMVs in NCT of Delhi and Districts of NCR bordering Delhi, except BS-VI vehicles and vehicles used for essential / emergency services.
  4. Close down all industries in NCR, even in areas which do not have PNG infrastructure and supply but still running on fuels, other than the fuels as per the Standard list of approved fuels for NCR.

Note: Industries like milk & dairy units and those involved in manufacturing of life saving medical equipments / devices, drugs and medicines shall however be exempted from the above restrictions.

  1. Ban C&D activities in linear public projects such as highways, roads, flyovers, over bridges, power transmission, pipelines etc.
  2. NCR State Governments / GNCTD to decide on allowing public, municipal and private offices to work on 50% strength and the rest to work from home.
  3. Central Government may take a decision on permitting work from home for central government offices.
  4. State Governments may consider additional emergency measures like closure of schools/ colleges/ educational institutions, closure of non-emergency commercial activities and plying of vehicles on odd-even basis etc.

Further, citizens may be urged to adhere to the citizen charter and assist in effective implementation of the GRAP measures aimed towards sustaining and improving the Air Quality in the region, as under:

  • Children, elderly and those with respiratory, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or other chronic diseases to avoid outdoor activities and stay indoors, as much as possible.

Air quality scenario will be again reviewed on November 6, 2022 and appropriate decision on GRAP measures will be taken thereafter.

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